Toto, ... We Are Not In KwaZulu Natal Anymore!

It's Canada Day, Eh? ... You (Afrikaner) Hoser!

So Happy Canada Day, eh!

What a strange and wonderful trip it surely is! 

From Liverpool with Love!

Thank you Ross.

From ... "Hoe gaan dit met jou?"

Scatterlings of Africa
Copper sun sinking low
Scatterlings and fugitives
Hooded eyes and weary brows
Seek refuge in the night

They are the scatterlings of Africa
Each uprooted one
On the road to Phelamanga
Beneath the copper sun
And I love the scatterlings of Africa
Each and every one
In their hearts a burning hunger
Beneath the copper sun
Johnny Clegg - Juluka

to  ... "How's it going, eh?

Runnin' Back To Saskatoon

I been hangin' around gas stations
I been learnin' 'bout tires
I been talkin' to grease monkeys
I been workin' on cars
Moose Jaw, Broadview, Moosomin too
Runnin' back to Saskatoon
Red Deer, Terrace, Hanna, Medicine Hat
Sing another prairie tune
Sing another prairie tune
The Guess Who