The Crossflow Doctor of Love, ... Dave Gemzoe

Are you caught in a loveless Crossflow marriage?


Have you been considering replacing your old lump with a sexy new model?


... You know what I'm talking about!


... Yes, that's right, ...  something fresh, new, light and responsive!


... A sweet young thing that you'd be proud to be seen with and who could put that long lost lead right back in your pencil!


Alas, this fantasy is the product of a loveless relationship and, if left untreated, could lead to emotional and financial ruin.


It is so sad, really! ... Whatever feelings that you and your "love machine" once shared are nothing more than a distant memory.


Now you can't stand to be seen with that old battle axe of a Crossflow and (lets face it) she is just about ready to pack it in!


These flights of fancy hold the promise of a return to vigour and prowess.


That is what you really want and everyone can clearly see that you've been fantasizing over it.


But is it practical? ... I mean you've put so much into this relationship.


You've worked so hard, sacrificed so much and ... what will the children say?


Well, if therapy is a consideration (thus avoiding the pitfalls of a nasty "Crossflow" divorce) then please call on the services of Dr. Dave Gemzoe to put your marriage right!


Dr. Dave understands that Crossflows are different and require a special type of therapy.


Through years of research and applied practice he has developed a therapy that is guaranteed to find that ancient cast iron crank's G Spot.


In short, Dr. Dave really knows how to breath life back into a tired and stuffy old bag of an engine and that is presicely why Dr. Dave is


... the Crossflow Love Doctor!





Dr. Dave's Therapy, Tools and Toys For An Intimate Crossflow Relationship


Mechanical Foreplay, ... Learning To Be Open:







Tantric Aspiration, ... The Gift of Breathing Deeply 




Stroking Therapy, ... Thrusting Deeper, Stronger ... and much, much Faster!






Doctor Dave Gives a Tour of "The Surgery"




Dave Gemzoe is ... Going For It in his Amazing Crossflow Caterham 7!




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