Virtual and Socially Distant 7s


At SevenSpot, we remain committed to bringing you the very highest standard of LiveStream interviews.

At the risk of considerable personal embarrassment we can now lay claim to the fact that we are providing “Virtual and Socially Distant 7s” Streams from literally everywhere on the planet.

 All of our Streams have been lovingly prepared using bottom of the barrel interviewing talent, minimal technical skills and a stunning paucity of imagination, thus creating an entertainment product of exceptionally dubious value.

In preparing our victims for these ordeals, we have consistently advised our guests of the 3 keys to a successful interview:

  1. ... “Please don’t try to be a star.”

  2. ... “These cretins are only interested in the 7! ... Don’t you understand?”

  3. ... “They don’t give a flying fig about you, mate! ... You might as well just point the camera at the 7 and go for coffee or something.”